Airplane Pilots Have A Duty To Report All UFO Sightings, Wouldn't You Think?

Safety is a major concern for commercial airline pilots. Near misses and other high speed manoeuvres with UFOs the most immediate of concerns. Pilots reactions to an encounter could cause a major problem, changes in the instrument gauges (altitude, speed, etc.) readings could cause another problem, just the distraction of a UFO flying within feet at 500 miles an hour could break the nerves of any pilot. If it were me flying a plane and I encountered a UFO, I'd push the eject button.

You would think that our commercial airline pilots, sitting in their cockpits would have the best seats to watch, record and engage with UFOs. You'd at least expect they'd be more likely to see one, since facing a blank canvas, a clear view of the sky ahead, or see a dazzling display of lights at night by some large triangle or disc. Even the passengers on such a flight would have concerns, if not intrigued. 

Most airline pilots that have witnessed a UFO while flying at close range within their aircraft never report the sightings for fear of losing their jobs. Thousands are reported every year, which means thousands aren't being reported every year. You can understand their fears, flying at 35,000 feet and encountering a UFO, a disc with no wings that out manoeuvres you, circling without much effort.  It wouldn't be the same as encountering one on the ground, at least your feet would be firmly planted, and you would feel somewhat safe.

There was one lengthy well documented inquiry investigating the "Safety of Aviation in North America" by a senior scientist at NASA, Dr. Richard Haines.  In his investigations studying over one hundred cases, he learned 56 of them were near misses that put passengers at risk. Mostly all of them had displayed blinding lights that filled the cockpit, a danger in itself.

There has never been any aggressive behaviour displayed by a UFO towards any aircraft, all reports of UFOs showed signs they were capable of out manoeuvring the fastest to the sluggish of aircraft, avoiding crashes at the last moment by getting out of the way, instantaneously. It's more like they are just observing us.

You would think that all airline pilots would have a duty to report all claims of UFO sightings to the public, since they are in a unique position, with their own private viewing booth with an unobstructed picture window of the skies ahead, to be on the look out for any Unidentified Flying Object or any other unnatural aerial phenomena.

It's been reported that air plane pilots are the least likely to fabricate a story of a UFO. Why report a sighting, especially if you might lose your job for what you've seen, and all the flack, who needs it?

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Ref: UFOs Generals, Pilots,and Government Officials Go On Record
               -Leslie Kean

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