"Wormwood" The Next Biblical Prophecy. It Leaves A Bitter Taste!

"The seven trumpets sounded and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the waters." 

Supposedly this is what happens according to the bible and how I interpret it. A meteor called Wormwood strikes the earth. Named after the bitter plant Artemisia absinthium.

1. The first trumpet is sounded. A third of the earth will burn up by a cluster of small meteors hitting earth, causing earthquakes, tsunamis etc.

2. The second trumpet is sounded. A third of all living things in the sea will die.

3. When the third trumpet is sounded, the main meteor called Wormwood strikes earth, which turns all water bitter, hence the name, Wormwood, after a bitter and the fatally poisonous plant. 

4. When the fourth trumpet is blown, the world will be shrouded in total darkness, during the day the sun will be hardly visible, the moon and stars at night gone. Something stranger happens. A UFO will float in the sky and warn people of the next three trumpet sounds. I'm not making this up. Revelation 9:1-3 

5. When the fifth trumpet sounds, the Antichrist arises from the earth, the Jews call him Abaddon, it is also a place, a bottomless pit, a hive full of locust looking aliens. Revelation 9:4-11

Anyone without the sign of the beast, 666 will rounded up by what the bible describes as Insectoids, to torture them for five months. They won't start killing until they get orders from Abaddon. These Insectoids are described, as looking like horses with wings and tails, prepared for battle. On there human like heads are golden helmets with long woman like hair hanging down to their shoulders. They have teeth sharp as a lions. Revelation 9:7-11. I'm telling you this is written in the bible. Aliens, insect like eggs hatching, from out of the earth! 

6. When the sixth trumpet is sounded, Abaddon gives orders to the Insectoids, kill 1/3 of the human population. The bible gives the total number of Insectoids to be in the 200 million range, Revelation 9:16. That's not just one or two aliens, that's an army of aliens! There will be nothing we can do, until...

7. The seventh trumpet sounds and finally, God himself will show up and take over, saving mankind, getting rid of Abaddon and the aliens. A happy ending for the believers.

Doesn't it leave a bitter taste? To be controlled by a bunch of Insectoids. At the mercy of some Demi-God. Could that be the reason the next meteor to hit the earth has been named, "Wormwood?" A prediction 2000 years in the making. 

It does, it leaves a bitter taste because; only the believers are the ones to survive and I won't be one.

Would I lie to you? Check it out yourself, Revelations 8 and onwards. A quick easy read. 

Ah! What the hell, read the whole chapter, if you haven't already, it's short.

Sounds like science fiction to me.

Dog Brindle

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