What Did Jackie Gleason See When He Was Invited to Homestead Air Force Base by the President?

Remember Jackie Gleason, the star of the television show, The Honeymooners?

Did you know he had a photographic memory and was a UFO buff, with a collection of over seventeen hundred books on paranormal and psychic phenomena which was later donated? In other words worth a fortune.

When just a budding new television star Jackie Gleason wanted to do a new television show on the paranormal.  Not just a show on ghost stories but a show on the actual true stories of the mysterious world we call Earth.

"We do not want to present plain old ghost stories but a true analysis of a mysterious force which is prevalent in the world and dry dimly understood!" Jackie Gleason

Gleason believed in mediums. Him and Eileen J. Garrett a medium and parapsychologist would sit together for readings, conjuring up the spirit of Uvani, to no avail. 

He never did get to do a television show about the paranormal, finding it way over his head, so instead he did the "Honeymooners" and we all know where that led him, to super-stardom.

Richard Nixon heard about Jackie Gleason's interest in UFOs one day when they were playing golf together. He invited Jackie to Homestead Air Force Base in Florida for a personal viewing of a flying saucer as well as one of it's dead pilots.

He built his house to resemble a space ship.

Unfortunately, all this hoopla about Gleason's UFO paraphernalia, his clandestine meeting in Florida with President Nixon published in the Enquirer, and other publications put him in a new light with his fans, making him look more like a raving lunatic.    

After close inspection of Nixon's diaries. No meeting ever took place at Homestead Air Force base with Richard Nixon and Jackie Gleason.

Could there have been a cover up? Did the Illuminati get involved? No one ever trusted Nixon anyway.

Or was it just one big joke, conjured up as a publicity stunt, by Mr. Funnyman himself, Jackie Gleason.

"To the moon, Alice!"

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