The Prophecy Against Magog - The End Of Time - Has it Begun?

Christians believe that God will be Israel's defender and saviour against Magog, her enemies near the end of times. God is constantly watching what's happening in the Middle East and will come to Israel's aid at the last moment. The bible states that Israel's enemies stand no chance against Israel, that they may feel confident now, but will have no chance in heaven to succeed. God had promised his people that... 

"No weapon fashioned against you will prevail." Isaiah 54:17

The prophecy against Magog: 

This is what God is supposed to do: Ezekiel 38:17 - 39:11

1.  God is going to make an earthquake happen, so violent every living thing will tremble in it's wake. There will be utter chaos, mountains and walls will tumble, killing many of Israel's enemies. 

2.  Following the quake, there's going to be so much infighting among Israel's enemies, Russia against Muslims etc., that they will turn indiscriminately on each other. "Everyman's sword will be against his brother."

3.  When everything settles down, wild animals will be feasting on the bodies of Israel's enemies, this is when the pandemic disease starts, taking many more lives. It will become Israel's duty to bury her enemies, since they will all be killed and no one will be left to bury them.

4.  To clean it all up, God will make it rain, and rain it will. He will drown the rest of Israel's enemies in a great flood, if by chance there are any that have luckily escaped the prior wraths. Volcanos will erupt, and the air will become thicken in ash and sulphur.  

To put the icing on the cake, God also promised, "To send fire on Magog." Magog apparently is an area of Southern Russia, including parts of modern Afghanistan. I'm thinking a nuclear bomb here! 

This will put an end to any future attacks on Israel. The whole world will be watching as all this unfolds. Finally, Israel will be safe. We all will bare witness.

But no, the quiet won't last long, the Antichrist will rise in Rome, from a new Roman Empire. Remember he shows up before the Second Coming of Christ. Things are just heating up. Tribulation will soon begin, hang onto your seats.

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