What Are Governments Hiding - Are UFOs Our Own Secret Flying Discs

It's often been said that most UFOs spotted flying in our skies are man-made objects. They are not UFOs but IFOs, Identified Flying Objects. We never hear the government denying they exist, anymore. It even seems like they don't mind that their secret flying discs are labelled by the general public as "Alien Spacecraft" or "UFOs"

No doubt, the government has the capabilities to make a flying saucer, maybe to fly like a helicopter, flying them late at night from well known places like Area 51, or Russians equivalent Mt. Yamantau

But, throughout history, long before technology appeared, these strange sightings of flying objects have had strange characteristics that no one can explain. 

They can morph, changing shape, density, and size. Sometimes morphing into something that isn't aerodynamic but still being able to fly, exceptionally well.

Appearing as if plasma-like or as an engineered light, with no definable shape.

Are able to split into multiple crafts, usually forming into a V or triangle formation.

Able to disappear and reappear, instantaneously on opposite sides of the horizon.

Totally silent, and able to move at terrific speeds in an instant leaving no plumes or contrails, not even emitting a sonic boom, which it should travelling at such high speeds, with G-forces so high no human could possibly be in the cockpit.

Are able to out manoeuvre fighter jets, which brings up the question if the government knows about these IFOs, why send fighter jets after them? Why has Russia given orders to shoot them down, if they are theirs?

In a few close up encounters with UFOs, they have been described as seamless, with no joints, no fittings, welds, bolts, or rivets.  Nary a nail, but most have a trap door that opens. There are no intake or exhaust features. All known spacecraft in history have had intake and exhaust features.

Official Image released by US Government of military UFOs (1958) 

You would think that if America or any country had such knowledge, they would be using the technology today for the betterment of mankind, in the space program or least of all, improving our own commercial air flights. Why not use this technology to end war?  

But no, we're still using gas powered engines and we're still flying around using plain old fuel guzzling jets and fighting wars, not to mention it still takes hours to get anywhere, sometimes hours just to get home from work! What's the matter with other scientists in other countries like Russia and China, are they that far behind?

Governments around the world still won't admit to anything about UFOs from another planet, it's always the enemy; Russia, China or North Korea or vice versa. I'm just saying, eh?

Reference:  The true story of Area 51's UFO's  

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