The Decade Volcano and UFO's - Mount Rainier Getting Ready To Blow It's Top

Another dooms-day scenerio! This one could possibly be the one.

The prediction; Mount Rainier is ready to blow it's top. Again, scientists aren't giving us a definite time line when this will happen, just saying soon, due to their calculations. It makes you wonder if they really can tell and if they can, does it matter! Is it a waste of time putting up all the alarm systems, scaring the general public? Will there be enough time to evacuate? Does this explain the recent UFO phenomena, connected to the volcano? Do they know something we don't? 

Scientists from the University of Utah have been installing gizmos and gadgets all over the mountain and surrounding area to measure how the Earth conducts electricity and seismic waves, as a side bonus it effectively mapped the Mounts' plumbing. What they discovered was a huge reservoir of molten magma, not under the volcano but northwest of it, by some 6 to 10 miles, buried 5-10 miles deep under the surface and a whopping 5-10 miles thick, that's a lot of magma. Apocalyptic! And when the volcano erupts, this lava will be released, causing major destruction. 

Up until 2010, Mount Rainier a strata-volcano, the highest mountain in Washington State, belonging to the Cascade Mountain Range, part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, showed nary a sign that it might erupt, even though it has been erupting on and off for 5000 years since its first eruption. The most recent eruption happened in 1854 which is disputable. 

Currently, Mount Rainier is listed as a Decade Volcano, meaning that it's one of 17 volcanoes most likely to blow within the next decade. If the eruption is equal to the Mount St. Helens eruption that happened on May 18, 1980 then we are going to be in for a big surprise. On a typical day, Mount Rainier has five small earthquakes near the top, coming in clusters called Swarms.

Mount Rainier is surrounded by huge glaciers compared to Mount St. Helens. The lahars, the pyroclastic flows, lava, the mud and debris could be devastating, since most of the newer communities lie right on top of the old lava flows, estimated to be called home to 150,000 people. Tacoma within eyesight. It's even possible the flows could hit Seattle, eventually dropping into Puget Sound creating a huge tsunamis.

I'm looking out the window as I'm writing this, I can see Mount Seymour in the background. It too, is an old dormant volcano, along the same Pacific volcanic shelf known as the Ring of Fire, Yikes! Not a Decade Volcano but a volcano just the same. 

Next, I'll be seeing UFOs. If I spot one, I'm outta here!

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