The C3 Composite Nuclear-Biological-Chemical-EMP Underground Disaster Shelter System - Do You Need One?

Is your old bomb shelter out dated and in need of repair or replacement? 

Since the flood in New Orleans and the tsunami in Japan, there has been a rush on all types of bomb and air-raid shelters and bunkers for natural and man made disasters, even safe houses, due to the rising rates of crime. And now, with the situation as it is in the Middle East, an air-raid shelter is a must for every home. You can never be safe enough.

What's out there but not for sale

An approximately 40,000 square foot second-hand bunker, located deep under the hills of Nebraska built during the Cold War, which can accommodate up to 1000 people for one full year and comes completely furnished and fully stocked. This one is not for sale due to the fact no one can move it, with it's solid reinforced concrete walls and ceiling. It must weigh a billion, zillion tons, but for a mere $400,000 or more depending on the options, you can have a basic shelter installed on your property, just enough room for you and your loved ones. For just $29,000 you could purchase an in-home model to put down in your basement.

Bunkers for Sale

A company in Texas—there are hundreds in North America, alone—Radius Engineering International Inc. sells pre-assembled, or they will come to your house and assemble on site, a new "State of the Art" high tech underground shelter, complete with Electro Magnetic Pulse Shielding (EMP) to protect all your electrical equipment from any intense energy field that causes power surges. 

A nuclear bomb can produce enough EMP to knock out any electrical system. A wise choice since today many nations are capable of producing EMPs. A terrorists dream come true, a weapon for cyber warfare. Our communication systems and other critical infrastructure is at their mercy, there's even a threat to our military, (Canadian and American) which may be vulnerable.

Some of the off-the-grid models have a life support duration from 5-days (the economy model ND10) good for tornadoes and hurricanes, to other systems with up to 5 years (the deluxe model CAT25) which are completely indestructible and able to withstand a weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

If you don't want a stand alone model, you can get hooked-up with other bunkers in your neighbourhood by tunnelling and forming small communities. 

All the models and all the accessories like the Underground Munitions Vault, come with a life time guarantee and warranty. 

I don't know how you'll get your money refunded if something goes wrong. It wouldn't matter anyways. I would opt out of this option. It's just a cash grab for the Radius company. Where would you go to collect any compensation after a nuclear war? What do they think we are, stupid?

The will to survive is strong in humans and is natural. But... is it worth surviving if there's nothing left in the world. It could be a wise investment or a waste of money depending on how pessimistic you are. Would there be enough time to get to it and into it safely, before the disaster? Would you even be near it, at the time? People do work! See where I'm going with this?

It's okay to survive a tornado or hurricane, billions have, but wouldn't you feel safer in a bunker, to wait out the storm, in your own C3 Composite Nuclear-Biological-Chemical-EMP Underground Disaster Shelter, with friends and family at your side. 

The only thing is; you'll have to come out sometime, to what I'm not sure.

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