The Acid-Bath Murderer, A Self-Proclaimed Vampire

Between September 1944 and February 1949, John George Haigh, an Englishman and a self proclaimed Vampire, deemed the "Acid-Bath Murderer" had killed 9 people, slit their throats and drank a cupful of their blood before disposing their bodies in huge vats full of acid.  It didn't matter that 6 of his victims were his friends.  

His reason for committing the murders; he had a irresistible urge to drink blood. 

He wasn't crazy but declared perfectly sane and normal by psychiatrists. A conservative Protestant, he loved his parents as a child. There was no family history of any mental problems but from the age of 6 he would cut himself just to taste his own blood. He dreamt of accidents where people would be bleeding, sometimes even Jesus being crucified and drinking his blood.

In 1944, he had an accident that cut his scalp, the blood ran down his cheek to his mouth. That night he had terrible nightmares, which began his murdering spree.  At 35 years of age, he killed two people, 3 in 1945, 3 in 1948 and 1 in 1949. He would club or shoot his victims in the head, plug the wound then draw a cup of their blood and drink it, afterwards feeling rejuvenated. 

To dispose of the body when he had finished, he would stuff it into a 40 gallon vat and pour acid over it, a fail safe method, using sulphuric acid to rid any trace of the murders. Within two days the bodies would turn to sludge which he poured down sewer drains.

He took his own blood between murders.

In the end he was convicted of 6 murders but admitted to 9 after authorities discovered three human gall stones and a partially dissolved denture in a vat where he worked.

He was sentenced to death and hung August 10, 1949.

He was not the only person who thought they could get rid of evidence by soaking it in acid. Does Jeffery Dahmer ring any bells?

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