Russia's Mount Yamantau - It Puts America's "Area 51" to Shame

Little is known about the mountain, Mount Yamantau, located deep in the Ural Mountains, near Bashkortostan, Russia. The mountain is one of the largest in the southern Urals, standing at a colossal 5,381 feet. 

On April 16, 1996 the New York Times ran an article on an unusual building site in Russia. Satellite, surveillance images show that this area is huge, spanning an area of four hundred square miles, containing millions of square feet of underground caverns, with one access road built for heavy machinery to move dirt and vehicles to service the site and a railway. Two buildings on top of the structure house, 60,000 workers, all keeping their mouths shut. What is it, another Area 51?

The Yamantau Mountain Complex cost the Russians a whopping 6 billion dollars to build, there must be a reason for it's existence. 

Like Area 51 in America, the mountain is shrouded in mystery. One theory is, probably due to its proximity to Chelyabinsk-70 Russia's last nuclear testing lab is that it will be used as a huge bunker for political and military personnel after nuclear World War III, to wait-out Armageddon. Another theory is they are holding crashed UFO vehicles and Aliens, just as we suppose Area 51 is doing right now, in the Nevada desert.

Mount Yamantau and Area 51 have much in common, strange lights, mysterious sightings of aircraft and rumours of aliens being housed. 

Responding to questions, the Russians have stated on many different occasions that the mountain was being used as as a mining site, or to store a Russian cache of treasures, or a food storage area, or of course but not mentioned, a bunker in case of a nuclear attack, or a big, alien hospital complete with its own roof top landing pad. Whatever the reason, the Russians are avoiding an explanation.

As in Area 51 but on a larger scale, strange things are happening there; sightings, lights, comings and goings of the military, all in secrecy, guarded by men who kill trespassers, and who are above the law, as in "Men in Black" except they wear white winter jump suits and get around on snow mobiles. 

We can only guess what is happening there. Should we be concerned? 

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