Russia's M-Triangle, Where UFOs Go To Get Shot Down

The Russians aren't putting up with any weird shit. They seek out and try to shoot down any UFOs that come near, at least the ones spotted in the M-triangle, also known as the Perm Anomalous Zone. This area is so strange, its out of this world and has been deemed a, "Piece of Heaven" that for some unknown reason, ended up here on earth.  

For hundreds of years locals tell tales of colourful bright lights floating low to the ground, navigating the trees in the surrounding forests and UFOs of all shapes and sizes, which defy the laws of gravity. Close encounters of the third kind with the "Snow People" also known here as "Bigfoot", even symbols and words written in the sky. Something weird happens everyday, sometimes many times in one day and sometimes lasting for hours, with multiple witnesses.

If something is flying over Russia's airspace, welcome or not, they will shoot it down.

It's situated 600 miles east of the capital city of Moscow, in the Ural Mountains near the Silva River, mostly remote rough craggy terrain consisting of about, 40 sq. miles. In the nearby town of Molebka a statue was erected in the town centre to commemorate all the comings and goings of all the orbs and UFOs, which the government barely tolerates.

In British Columbia here, we have been experiencing unidentified sounds lately, seemingly to be coming from the sky, dubbed the Sky Trumpets, a regular occurrence in the M-Triangle. The difference between there and here is they also hear whistles, and a choir singing, the sound of an electric motor running and people talking. 

"Voices so clear and distinct they could be whispering right into your ear."

One unexplained spot inside the M-Triangle, the size of a small bedroom deemed the "Call Box," is the only place where you can call anywhere in the world using a cellphone. Fire acts differently, it explodes, as if injected with kerosene, every once in a while. Time seems to stand still for some people. Watches stop and the dial returns to "OO:OO," without fail. Different areas seem to have their own time zones. In some places the time jumps ahead one hour and in other places it falls behind exactly one hour. You can't walk within the zone without feeling you are being watched at all times, it is said;

"The trees in the forests have ears."

Scientists are scrambling for answers, politicians claim to know nothing and judging by their actions, that's possible.

All this information was kept top secret by the Cold War Russians until the late 1980's. All access for the public to enter the zone was denied up until then. There was to be no reporting or any publication on the subject and you could be killed by the, "Men in Black," even if you even talked about it back then. Yes, they have Men in Black also.

Whatever the Russian government knows about the M-Triangle, it has never been disclosed. The doors finally opened after 1989 with the fall of the Russian regime, which allowed the general public access, but...

Don't expect to hear to much about what's happening there. It is still believed heavily under the surveillance of the Russian government as Area 51 is in the United States, and probably will be for many years to come.

Could it be the high quantity uranium mined in the area? It might be a factor.

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