Playing God - Assisted Suicide - What The Major Religions Say About It

First, I'm not talking about suicide jumpers, slashers, or OD'ers. I'm talking about people that are at the end of their lives, old and sick, in a vegetable state, awaiting death and in severe chronic pain.

Not all religious groups are against assisted suicides but most are. Here's what the major religions say, as I interpret them;

All religions of the world believe life is a divine gift from God. 

Roman Catholic

The Declaration on Euthanasia prepared by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith condemns doctor-assisted suicide, believing no matter how great the pain a person is in, those last moments of life he or she will become more like Jesus Christ, by enduring such pain, as Jesus felt pain for us dying on the cross. Patients can be medicated, but not enough to dull consciousness so they can say good-bye to family and friends. The Declaration also states that a patient dying can refuse medical treatment if the quality of his life is in jeopardy.


Most factions of this religion treat doctor-assisted suicide as murder, either by the doctor discontinuing medical treatment, or actively killing them. (pulling the plug). According to the Report on Euthanasia With Guiding Principles, life is a gift of God and only he will decide when you are going to die, not a doctor.


There is no reason for assisted suicide.  The Islamic Code of Medical Ethics (Bioethics) states that mercy killing is a form of Atheism because Atheism believes in no after life. They agree that medication is necessary to relieve pain and that no one needs to die in pain, but only if medication is available.  Mohammed, Islam's father believed that if you do endure the pain until death, you will receive spiritual rewards and forgiveness from God himself. Islam does not condemn lethal doses of painkiller or doctors that do, pull the plug when a patient is brain dead.


Traditional Jewish views and faith are basically against doctor-assisted suicide, but believe it is okay to pull the plug to end, a terminally ill patient, especially if his life is being sustained artificially. 


Here, karma is important. Death is a path to another life. Suffering is a form of karma and if not finished when living will continue after death but if a person is brain dead, and can no longer feel pain he cannot take the pain into the after-life, so should be allowed to die.


Go for it! They shoot ole horses, don't they? 

As dreadful as Atheism sounds, isn't it the more humane of the religions? If you want to call it a religion. Now-a-days they don't use guns, they just pull a switch and you drift off into a deep sleep. A peaceful death. That's what I would want, friends at my side to see me off.

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