Mysterious Things Happen To Human Organ Transplant Recipients

When a person receives a new heart do they take on the characteristics of the donor?  

I remember going to the movies as a child, seeing Frankenstein the monster come to life, a mixture of different cadaver body parts. How silly? Then there was the movie of the severed hand that crawled around murdering people on it's own free will using it's fingers as legs. Is that really possible? Or the head on a platter, hooked up to tubes, alive and talking. Remember those movies?

Well, apparently there is some truth involved here. There have been some people that have received heart and other organ transplants then later, after recovery, taking on the identity of their donors. Here are a few examples:

1.   An overweight man who hated to exercise, received the lungs of a young teenage olympian hopeful. A jock who was hit by a car and killed as he was running cross country on a highway, to raise money for Cancer. He was obsessed about his looks and physique, and ran 10 miles everyday to keep in shape. The organ recipient took up jogging for no reason at all and became obsessed with his physicality. He lost tons of weight to the amazement of his wife and doctors. The story goes; he ended up finishing the race that the organ donor had attempted before he had been killed.

2.   A young boy was tortured and left for dead in the gutter on the side of a highway. He eventually died in the hospital but his heart was saved and donated to a little girl about the same age. The transplant was a success, she recovered and was brought home. She started to have nightmares of a man driving a blue van grabbing her and tying her up. She saw his face and remembered the licence plate that revealed itself in her nightmares. The killer put a cover over her head and that's all she could remember. It was later discovered the boy who had been murdered, was tied up in a basement and a potato sac was used to cover his head. The license plate was traced to a man that owned a blue van. The police found their man. The girls nightmares stopped.

There are all kinds of examples, how about the man who received a heart from a Sade fan. Suddenly, the heart recipient would start to cry for no reason at all, every time he heard a Sade song come on the radio. 

How about the gay woman that went straight after receiving the heart of a straight woman?

Would people that eat raw meat be more savage?

It's obvious, our cells contain DNA that is all part of our personality and emotions, containing information inherited, experienced and developed.

Dog Brindle


Anonymous said...

It's an interesting concept. Read a couple of things about DNA memory and it makes sense. I remember reading a study about some flat worms that were taught to do some kind of trick. They were later killed, ground up and fed to other flatworms. Those flat worms to less time to learn the same trick.

Michael Safrin said...
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Michael Safrin said...

nteresting story. I once read an article written by a blogger named
"Dog Brindle" and ever since developed a permanent foaming of the mouth with a desire to ump every tree trunk car tire I'd see

Michael Estey said...

Thanks Michael. That is a compliment, I hope. ; )