Morgellons Disease - Worms That Tunnel Under Your Skin

Do you ever get an itchy feeling that you just can't scratch away? You could be suffering from Morgellons Disease.

Sufferers are convinced that some type of infectious agent, a worm perhaps or bug is eating away under their skin. In many cases people scratch themselves so hard they open large holes in the skin. What mystifies doctors is what they found. People with the disease have scratched out from under their skin; white, blue or black coloured fibres and filaments, and black and white sandlike granules. Doctors did some investigating of their own and had the fibres and such analyzed, and found them to be nylon fibres, cotton, human hair, a mouse hair, and duck down.

It didn't become known to doctors until 2001 when Mary Leitao started to inspect her son, who was constantly complaining about itchy sores around his mouth. Doctors couldn't explain it. So she started a web-page highlighting the strange disease. Within days she had 14,000 people email her complaining about the same thing.

Joni Mitchell came out of the closet as a sufferer, she even claimed it came from outer space. She stated fibres of all colours protrude from her skin and are very itchy. 

Scientists can't tell forensically if its even animal, vegetable or mineral and that there is no known disease that they can compare it with, suggesting that it is a psychiatric condition not a physical one. The American government has taken this disease seriously, and in 2006 formed a task force with a million dollar budget to come up with a cause and cure, to no avail.

Conspiracy theorists claim, Morgellons disease is spread by agents in chemtrails emitted by aircraft employed by the Illuminati, to depopulate the world.

There is no cure, scientists don't even know what it is yet, let alone how to handle it. Makes me itchy just writing about this stuff.

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