Mention an Alien, a Ghost or a Witch and All You Get is Laughter

Why is it, the bible wants you to believe in the unbelievable? 

Whether a heaven high in the sky or a hell deep under the earth. A god and a devil so powerful that they are constantly on edge, feuding with each other scrambling for followers and that divine miracles do and regularly happen.  

That yes, Jesus was born from a virgin mother, rose from the dead as a zombie and fed throngs of people with one loaf of bread and one fish. That angels descended from the skies sporting huge wings, serpents with forked tongues that can persuade and connive and that the laying of hands can cure people of diseases and that people can talk to the holy spirit as if in the same room with you, but only if you believe. Visions and divine interventions and miracles, all super natural.

Then to top it all, turn water into wine.  

But mention an alien, a ghost or a witch and all you get is laughter.

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