"Magick" It's Not The Sleight-of-hand A Magician Performs. At Least Not To A Witch.

Today, most people relate witchcraft to evil and the devil, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Witches believe, with proper tutoring, that changes in reality can be made by "Will and Imagination" alone, rather than by sleight-of hand like magicians around the world do, performing magic in their acts, making things seemingly to appear out of thin air, then disappear. And, depending on how deep you believe, you can move mountains.

A good witch is able to harness her psychic abilities, her intuition. She knows the forces of nature and the power of the mind and is an expert in the uses and cures from herbs and plants, ancient relics, and crystals.

Magick in itself is not evil, neither good nor bad. White or Black Magick. Witches believe in the "Rule of Three," and are very careful not to place spells that can make people angry, vengeful or jealous. But some do...

...the ones that don't adhere to the "Rule of Three."

Check out your local library. There are tons of books on witchcraft. All with chapters on how to cast spells to cure warts, find a husband, etc. and most show you how to protect yourself from evil curses, like putting garlic at the doorway to keep the evil out, but it's rare when you find a book that teaches you how to hex or curse one of your enemies. Sticking needles into a doll just doesn't cut it anymore.

No, you need to be tutored by another witch. A lot of witchcraft history has been handed down through word of mouth and not much is written about it. Well, not like other religions. Hopefully this will change with the help of the internet. So far science hasn't been able to figure it out and probably never will. You can imagine why the military would want such information.

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