Labels — You Can't Get Away From Them Even After Death

All of us have been put into categories throughout our lives; dark, brown, light, sickly pale. Tall, short, skinny or fat. Rich, poor, ugly and beautiful. Old, young, male or female. Smart or dumb. Friend or foe. This line, that line. 

Labels —You Can't Get Away From Them Even After Death

Now, a person will be categorized after death by which type of ghost he will be. You don't even have to be dead to be put on the list such as Experimental ghosts. These are the types of ghosts that Astral Travel. An example would be someone who tries to visualize himself in another location and he is seen by people. This happens more often than not, how many times have you heard someone say, "I saw him downtown the other night," then you find out that the person was killed at that same time, or something similar, when you see someone who's just been killed, say in a car accident, standing at the foot of the bed at three o'clock in the morning. This type of ghost is called a Crisis Apparition. And, by the way, happens more than you might think.

The usual type of ghost seen is the Postmortem Apparition, a transparent cloud of ectoplasm resembling the deceased. This is the ghost of a deceased person seen long after they had died and been buried. Again, this type of ghost is seen standing over you, telling you they are fine and not to worry. They are with all their dead friends and relatives and will be waiting at the Pearly Gates for you, when it's your turn. They all seem to want to relay this message. Sometimes they show up in masses. Complete war battles or enactments of those battles occur, including battalions with all the draft horses, sometimes tanks from WWII, the whole shebang. It doesn't even have to, been living to be a ghost. These ghosts are limitless in their scope.  You've heard of "ghost ships," huge ocean liners that come out of a fog astonishing passing sailors? These historical re-enactments are called Time slips. A moment in time that seems to repeat itself over and over.

Then there are the repeat offenders, the Haunters. Ghost Ships are also categorized as Haunters appearing over and over in the same location, seemingly to be bound to a certain area by unknown forces, such as a the Bermuda Triangle or as in other cases in a dark basement or attic where the person died or was killed, or a graveyard where their body is laid to rest. This ghost has been sensationalized in the movies.

To confuse believers everywhere, there are Ghosts of the past, present and the future and there's the Harbinger, which brings a warning;

"Don't go out of the house today!" 

So you don't, later you hear there was a robbery at the bank you were supposed to have an appointment with. The loan clerk who was handling your file was shot dead.

Ghosts are not to be feared and are not the only entities out there. Some ghost enthusiasts, include such things as angels and demons in their lists of ghosts. If you witness an angel, that could be a good sign. They do nothing but relay messages from the other side, usually helpful as in a Guardian Angel, Showing you the way to safety, etc. pointing you back to the living, that sort of thing.

On the other hand, you don't want to meet a demon or a Fallen Angel thinking they are ghosts. These entities will lead you down the wrong bath, either willingly or forcefully. Once acknowledged there is no stopping it. To me, I don't put Demons on my list of ghosts, they're something else altogether.

No, you don't want to meet a Demon. Nothing good ever comes of it. It just goes to show you we shouldn't be putting labels on things.

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