History Conspiracy Theory - Those That Control History, Control The Future

Have we been led to believe in a "False Sense" of our own history and life? Is it true, whoever controls the writing of history controls the future, as George Orwell suggested in his book, 1984 ?

Was the ancient world and civilization as primitive as we are told and made to believe? 

Here is one conspiracy theory as explained by, David Icke, in his book The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it). This is what I think he is trying to tell us.

Before there was language, people mostly spoke telepathically, like animals, using body language and sounds as signals to relay messages to one another. Over time, language was developed. The need to communicate telepathically waned. The development in multiple languages into a zillion words made it eventually impossible to express oneself telepathically, since words and languages are based on the five senses. It is common knowledge among people who study words that all languages are derived from one original source, having similar characteristics, which means a little girl talking Pig-Latin to her girlfriends and a scientist wiz-kid explaining Einstein's Theory on Relativity have something in common, they're both talking the same language!

There is a Roman structure in Baalbek, built with stones weighing 800 to 1000 tons and moved 1/3 of a mile, and with precision, placed high up on the structure. A structure we know little about. Hard to do, if not impossible even by today's standards. How was that done, thousands of years before Christ? And in other countries, 100 ton blocks united with metal fasteners, dated 11,000 years of age. Historians do not address these descrepancies for fear of what it entails.

We've all seen pictures of the Nazca Lines, a recent discovery (1939) as far as discoveries are concerned, only visible from 2000 feet in the air. Why are they treated as a tourist attractions, instead of what they were really built for? There must have been a serious reason why they were built? Why is that technology now lost? Did we ever have it, or was it extra-terrestrial in origin?

Cave paintings of animals not indigenous to the region, even a drawing of a stegosaurus, a dinosaur. How did they learn about such things with no language?

A block of coal found in Austria with a man-made object inside, estimated to be 300,000 years old, a gold thread buried deep within 8 feet of rock, 60 million years old. Prehistoric animals and dinosaurs their bones found with forged bullets in them.

The Conspiracy is this; Humans lived together on Earth with extra-terrestrial life, Reptilians and the official version of history that is being taught in our schools today is a bunch of crap. Civilizations have come and gone, many times before. What is and what will be, has already been. 

Same old, same old, nothing is really discovered or invented, things are just re-discovered and re-invented.

You have to admit, it does raise a couple of questions.

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