Has Housework Become Easier Than It Was In The Fifties?

I remember as a child growing up in the 50's, thinking about the future. What would it be like?

Futurists at the time were saying that everyone would be flying their very own personal airplane parked in a garage next to your personal speed boat and two and a half driverless cars. Gas back in the fifties was very cheap not like today.

Every home was thought, will be thermostatically climatically controlled, made from a teflon type bio-degradable oil guaranteed to last 500 years, needing no paint, or washing. In 1928 a London architect, R.A. Duncan designed and built the house of the future. We are still waiting for them to go into mass production.

By the year 2000, they said, housecleaning was to become a thing of the past. Houses will be rigged with all the latest contraptions and human look-a-like robots to do all the menial chores that the modern housewife has endured throughout the ages, all within the next ten years by the year 1960. Robot vacuum cleaners with long arms will be roaming the halls at night while you sleep picking up toys and clothing, able to wash and dry the floors in one swoop, cook the meals instantly with prepared foods, serving breakfast to you in bed and does the laundry, getting out every stain, adding the correct amount of soap, bleach and fabric softeners, all done in cold water. It will even do windows, if you ask it nice. 

Everything will be disposable, from diapers to dishes. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Food if not in pill form will be genetically modified, a banana will look and taste like a peach, a peach a pear, hamburg like chicken!

Houses will be heated from the bowels of the Earth, providing instant hot water on demand and have convertible roofs to let the sunshine in. Robots will be cutting the grass, taking the garbage out and feeding the dog.  Most shopping will be done over the telephone, and will either be frozen of dehydrated.

Some of these things have come true, like the Roomba, that disc that crawls around the floor doing the vacuuming and shopping on-line. We still do dishes, but we all have dishwashers. We still have to pick up our clothes and do the laundry but people now use disposable diapers today and they are now bio-degradable.

We have most things in disposable form, but even that is becoming a pipe dream considering recycling and the waste. Most food still needs cooking even though it has been genetically modified but gets cooked faster with the micro-wave oven. Bananas still taste like bananas and peaches like peaches, but now you can get garlic flavoured anything. Then there is soy, which can taste like anything, eatable or not.

Nothing has changed much since the fifties. We still depend on oil for our energy, and nothing is getting cheaper. Things are getting faster and more efficient but unfortunately, house-wives still have to do housework. 

The husband has now stepped in to assist the housewife, donning an apron and carrying a broom. That wasn't in the plans. The future it seems hasn't lived up to it's name. Housework has become harder.

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