Dean Corll The Real "Candyman" A Teenager Killer

The Legend of the Candyman.

There is a legend from America's cruel history of a black man, the son of a slave known only as "The Candyman." He became accomplished and a well known talented artist throughout the mid-west. He jumped at the chance to paint a wealthy land-owner's young virgin daughter, his highest commission.

You know how story goes, as he paints her, they fall in love, she gets pregnant. Daddy gets mad.

First, he gets a hand cut off and replaced with a hook, then drenched in honey, apparently bees like honey, which sting him for hours and then he was buried alive, dug up and lynched. 

CabriniGreen, Chicago.

His ghost was believed to haunt the CabriniGreen, which housed thousands of black people from the 40's until 2011 in 3607 low income apartment and row house units.

I take it you've seen the horror/slasher movie, appropriately titled The Candyman.

But, have you heard of Dean Corll the real Candyman? This serial killer and his two accomplices abducted, raped, tortured and murdered 28 young boys, maybe more from 1970-1973. He was nicknamed the Candyman because; as a child his father once owned a candy factory, Dean was allowed to give out candy free, he soon learned to use candy to lure his childhood friends into dark corners as he molested them. 

Apparently, he couldn't stop and it got worse. He was 18 when he kidnapped, tortured and sexually molested and killed his first victim. All his victims were teenagers. He'd pick boys up in his van, promising a party down the road, passing out drugs as candy. After getting the drugged kid into his house, he would strip and hand-cuff him to the bed, then sexually assault them for days before shooting or strangling them. 

The final victims; the two accomplices and a young girl all survived, after one boy escaped his bonds and shot Dean between the eyes. He later confessed telling everything. The police were shocked, finding all the bodies, then finding out how they were tortured before they were murdered. Much too graphic for me to express in words and sorry there are no pictures. I have to admit my stomach twanged as I was researching it. 

Back in the 60's and 70's everyone was friendly, offering rides to hitchhikers. I myself hopped into many a strange car, hitch-hiked everywhere. Even picked up hitchhikers, alone by myself, at night. I don't think I would have taken the risk, if I would have known, that the Candyman was a real person.

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