Chemical Warfare At Home - The Testing That Was Never Done

Not too many people realize that at one time, America used chemicals on its own people, in the name of science.  

After the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and seeing the results, especially when the United States invited the terribly disfigured, radiation burned, Hiroshima Maidens, 25 Japanese women survivors of the attack, to America, providing restitution by giving them free plastic surgery for what the Americans did to them.

America had a lot to fear about nuclear radiation after that first bomb, more than previously thought not just from war but for the fear of the advances of medicine. Thousands of Americans between 1948 and 1952 were deliberately exposed to radiation causing sickness and death. They were experimenting to see how radiation travelled. 

While this was going on a group of doctors and scientists connected with Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital were feeding physical and mentally retarded children, small amounts of radioactive food to see what kind effect it had on the digestive system when ingested. They were seeking to determine if an antidote for radiation sickness could be possible.

Back then in the post war era, this was the way of thinking, it was okay to use these mentally challenged people as guinea pigs. Being born with birth defects represented a social shame. Physical abnormalities eventually led to death. Many scholars back then, believed the mentally challenged were an expendable class of Americans. That was the American mind set, in those days.

If not enough, while all that was happening the average baby-boomer family conceived their 2.5 children, birthing in a whopping 79 million little rug-rats, between 1946 and 1964, creating it's fair share of real monster stories. Does anyone remember the babies born after the tranquilizer, Thalidomide that was made available in 1957, invented by the Nazi, Otto Ambros. It was prescribed extensively without prior testing, to expectant mothers to cure her mood swings and morning sickness? 

So, you could say what happened, became the testing. It was immediately banned, but not until thousands of deformed babies were born. Abortions were practically impossible to get in the 40's and 50's.

Remember the Love Canal affair, the huge chemical dumping ground, another disaster. Unfortunately, stories like these were real and affected tens of thousands of Americans. 

Real horror stories.

Dog Brindle

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