An Electromagnetic Pulse - A Threat To America - Is It Just Science Fiction?

As history predicts; many great nations have risen and fallen with no expectations of its impending demise, falling hard. Many people who lived in those nations at the time believed that their nation was much too strong and could never fall. They even had the audacity to believe they were superior than the surrounding civilizations.

Here are some facts; the Babylonian Empire didn't last a century. The Persian Empire lasted two centuries. Greece didn't make three and the Roman Empire made it to nine. The thing is they all thought they would last for eternity.

When I think of armageddon and what will end civilization as we know it, I think of a nuclear war starting off with one nuclear Detonation. But could that be possible? Say a nuclear bomb reaches or is detonated over New York City, Toronto, LA, or Vancouver, would that destroy us? Highly unlikely. A lot would die, but civilization would continue though somewhat disrupted economically.

There is another threat, another kind of bomb, one which possibly could end civilization as we know it and has been documented in a 2004 report, created by Congress called; the "Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. 

The commission found that one such Electromagnetic bomb, possible within our technology, easily launched off the waters of America and detonated at an altitude of a few miles above the United States, the higher the better, right up to 300 miles above the surface of earth, could cause catastrophic damage, taking out all of North America, electronically.

The pulse emitted from such a bomb, would damage all electrical power systems, all electronics, and information systems. All electronically controlled infrastructures will shut down; protective systems too, computers, cell phones, telecommunications, transportation, banking, and the emergency response, allowing the enemy to enter the country with no warning and who knows what else. Anything electrical will be affected.

All this would lead America into a pre-industrial age with mass starvation and deaths.  

Prophecy reveals that in the end; the balance of power will shift toward the United States of Europe, not the United States of America.  In other words the revived Roman Empire, which will be led by the anti-christ. 

There is a defence system already in the works, called the Faraday cage, lets hope it will work against the Electomagnetic Pulse, if and when it is detonated. The future will tell.

Is it just science fiction?

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Reference:  Coast to coast Audience to Be Briefed on EMP
                  Electomagnetic Pulse Attack

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