A Witch By Any Other Name Is Still A Witch! The Wiccan.

Finally, proud witches around the world are coming out of the "broom closet" under a new name, now calling themselves Wicca and trying to clean up their tarnished image. 

The word witch conjures up all kinds of negative stereo-typical thoughts of what a witch really is, and is being dropped from mainstream language of witches because most witches of today, prefer to be called Wiccan.

Like most Old English words they are derived from other words, and Wiccan is no exception. Wiccan is derived from the word witch, male (wicca), female (wicce) which means to practice sorcery, even the word wicked is from the root word wicca, meaning witch-like. The word Wiccan has been used for centuries to identify witches.

It has been misunderstood by many Wiccans, that Wicca is the oldest surviving religion on earth, older than Christianity itself.

In actuality, Wicca is quite new as far as religions are concerned, founded in the 50's by Brosseau (Gerald) Gardner, a man known as Scire among witches, to have a vivid imagination.

They should have picked a different name, to disassociate themselves completely with witchcraft. Something like, Live. Doesn't that sound like a nice name? 

Evil spelt backwards.

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