You Don't Want To Meet "Hairy Hands" While Driving - They'll Steer You Off The Road.

I have driven a motorcycle across America and have had my fair share of strange phenomena while driving at night through the desert. One of those was an episode with 

"Hairy Hands."

First, here is the legend of the Hairy Hands.

There is a lonely stretch of road between the villages of Postbridge and Two Bridges, in the Dartmoor region of England that has an unusual high number of accidents. There is nothing special about the road, it's basically a straight road running through the slightly rolling moors.

The road has a history of accidents. During the horse and buggy era, many horses on this part of the road would suddenly bolt and throw their riders, ponies with carts would veer off the road and dump their drivers in the ditch. When bicycles were invented, cyclists reported the handlebars mysteriously taken from their control, as if someone grabbed the handle bars and tried to ditch them in the gutter.

But when motor vehicles, cars and trucks and especially motorcycles were invented the accidents became more severe and deadly. In 1921, a young army officer on his motor cycle was seriously injured after he was forced off the road by two hairy hands that clamped down onto his own and force him to steer directly into a bridge cement pillar.  He survived to tell the story, along with many other accident victims, relating the same story that suddenly two Hairy Hands, came out of nowhere and grabbed the steering wheel or handlebar whichever they were driving and drove them off the road. Many tried to fight back to gain control but the Hairy Hands were to strong. 

Since there had been so many accidents, the Department of Highways decided to investigate thinking something was wrong with the road, but after straightening it again and again and taking out the dips and dives and resurfacing it, the accidents kept happening.

Then one day three years later a couple parked their motorhome near where the Hairy Hands were reported. As they were sleeping, the woman heard a noise scratching on the outside the RV window. When she lifted the blind, there they were, two hairy hands with long nails scratching on the window. She said she sensed something very evil, and they both knelt down onto the floor of the RV and started praying. The hands dropped out of view after she made the sign of the cross. They immediately packed up and drove off.

Now, you're probably going to ask how do I relate to this story...

This happened in the Summer of 1979, on a hot August night. I had been driving cross country on my motorcycle and had been driving for quite awhile that day. I was on Highway #60, near the ghost town of Redhill, New Mexico. It was night, on a lonely stretch of the highway, I too felt a strange presence. 

It was as if the bike suddenly became heavier. I could feel someone or something on the bike behind me even though I knew that was impossible, but I could have sworn I felt it touching my back and was breathing down my neck. I had to keep turning around to have a look, because I couldn't see anything. At times I thought I caught a glimpse of a dark shadow sitting behind me. I had the feeling it wasn't of this world and was going to grab the handlebars from behind me with long Hairy Hands. I don't even know why I thought it had Hairy Hands, but I felt it. I had to stop on the side of the road because it felt too real. I stayed on the side of the road until the light of dawn, then decided it was just my imagination so I got back on the bike and drove off, thinking no more of it.

"Once you see them, it's too late."

I've talked to other bikers that did long treks at night with the same experiences. They told me what I experienced was a hallucination. They explained; when you travel on a motorcycle you stare directly in front of the bike, I agreed. You stare more directly onto the surface of the road, more than you would driving a car.  As you stare at the broken line down the centre of the highway flashing by, which is bright white against the dark tar surface of the road, it has a hypnotic effect. They also said I was lucky I had stopped, because I would have hallucinated seeing the Hairy Hands, and once you see them, it's too late. They'll drive you off the road and try to kill you.

I feel lucky now.

Dog Brindle 

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