"Would You Care For Some Real Canadian Maple Syrup To Go With Those Pancakes?" The Alien in the UFO asked.

I don't want to judge anyone but, some stories you hear of UFO encounters are beyond belief, as in this story that was reported by a farmer named Joe Simonton and that I'm compelled to talk about. It's as if people think we are so gullible, so naive or just plain stupid enough to believe such ridiculous stories. 

This story has gone down in UFO folklore in popular literature as the type of story that describes the landing of a space ship, some little men in tights pop out of a hatch and say, "Take me to your leader." Something like that.

On April 18, 1961 Joe was having lunch when he spotted a silver egg shaped object floating outside his kitchen window and land in the middle of his yard. He ran outside and as he neared realized it had not really landed at all but was floating a few feet off the ground.  He described the object as being silvery shiny, four metres (12 ft) high and nine metres (30 ft) across. When he was within a few feet, a hatch door opened and he notice three aliens inside, who looked like Italian cooks in white chefs outfits and turtle neck sweaters. They had dark long straight hair and pale complexions.

One of the aliens had a silver coloured mug in his hand and when he noticed Joe standing there he held it out to him, as if he were requesting Joe to fetch him some water, all done telepathically. 

Joe took the mug from the alien and went back into the house and filed it with water and brought it back. He handed it to him and the alien asked if he wanted some, pointing to the other aliens making something on what looked like a counter-top stove and one looked like he had a metal flipper in his hand, like the ones we use to flip eggs, pancakes or burgers.  The alien cook handed him a plate full of what looked like a neatly stacked pile of three buckwheat pancakes, except they had little holes throughout them. Joe reached in and took it from the alien. The creature somewhat smiled with a little mouth and nodded, telling him telepathically that they were tasty, eatable morsels, to try one. 

Immediately, the hatch door closed leaving no seam in the surface of the craft and off it went, up over the trees and fired off what appeared to be a rocket then disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving poor ole Joe standing there bewildered as heck.

Sounds unbelievable doesn't it? Well, there was other witness. At the same time as Simonton's encounter, Savino Borgo was driving west on highway 70, near Joe's farm when he saw a UFO (a saucer shaped object) rise and take off at tremendous speed.

The local sheriff investigated and found no evidence of a UFO but they did have the pancakes. One went to the U.S. Airforce to be studied by the Food and Drug Laboratory of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, another to a civilian UFO group to study and one Simonton decided to eat himself, which he said tasted like paper, with the texture of cardboard.  

After all the testing was done on the pancakes by the military and UFOlogists it was determined they were plain buckwheat pancakes. What else were you thinking they could be? They were made from a very healthy recipe of hydrogenated fat, starch, buckwheat hulls, soya bean hulls and wheat bran.

"If I ever saw a more sincere and honest man, it was Simonton."

This case received national attention, which got the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) involved but as the case died down, the NICAP quietly, filed the case away, out of prying eyes. There was one group, the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization(APRO) that did take an interest in the story.  They believed in Joe's sincerity, and veracity, even suggesting he had been hypnotized. 

Cecile Hess an APRO representative at the time said, "If I ever saw a more sincere and honest man, it was Simonton."

Simonton eventually tired of all the accusations about him creating a hoax and became a recluse after telling reporters that if it happened again, he wouldn't tell a soul. He'd keep it a secret and take it to his grave.

I think I can actually imagine an alien holding out that stack of pancakes, saying, "Would you care for some real Canadian maple syrup to go with those pancakes?"


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Ref: A World of UFOs - Chris A. Rutkowski

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