Unexplained Canadian UFO Reports

Survey asks, "What are the most baffling UFO sightings made in Canada?"

A poll was solicited among 10 Canadian UFO researchers and investigators asking what they thought was the most strangest UFO Report they had ever heard. This is a countdown list of 10 UFO sightings and reports believed to be the most interesting, the most remarkable and the most unexplained UFO event in Canadian history:

10. A transit engineer for Shirley's Bay, Ontario by the name of Wilbert Smith set up a UFO detection system, at one of the governments facilities he was working at. Within moments of set-up his machine detected a large heavy metallic object directly overhead and recorded the event. He believed it to be a huge mother ship, floating invisibly above the Earth, it's occupants watching us, even preparing for an alien invasion. Everything about the story is unexplained!

9. Back in the winter of 1915, during the first world war an aerial display deemed "The Phantom Invasion" occurred over the city of Brockville, Ontario. It caused such a stir, people believed the Earth was  being invaded by the enemy. Hundreds of lights flew over the city. The Parliament Buildings were blackened out (lights off) for fear of being detected from the air and bombed. There was never air attack, the whole incident is unexplained!

8. This case predated crop-circles found in England by a few years. No one had heard of crop circles. This happened when a Saskatchewan farmer named Edwin Fuhr on September 1, 1974 was baling hay in a field on his farm when he notice a five half-round objects floating across an adjacent hay field. He watched as the object moved back and forth across the surface of the hay field, then it took off at a high speed. When he looked back at the field, a crop circle. Sounds really strange but like the other this case has never been solved and sits on the shelf as unexplained!

7. On January 6, 1977, in Montreal, Quebec, Florida Malboeuf saw a saucer-shaped UFO land on the roof of a house across the street.  She watched from her window as two little green men in tights came out of the space ship and walked around the roof for a short time. They went back inside the UFO and it took off. Unexplained!

6. Reserve Lt. Graham Bethune onboard an airplane reported a near collision miss with an UFO. On February 10, 1951 a U.S. Navy transport plane reported almost colliding with a bright, round orange orb. The mysterious object circled them within a 5 mile range of their aircraft, on route between Iceland and Newfoundland, as if observing the plane then took off at unimaginable speed. Radar, everything recorded, yet unexplained!

5. When squadron leader, Robert Childerhose and his lieutenant were trying to break cross-Canada records back on August 23, 1956, flying their Sabre jet they noticed and took pictures of a bright oval object next to them flying at an altitude of 36,000 ft. It sped off at an incredible speed. Pictures even, yet unexplained!

4. In this case, hundreds of people back on October 4, 1967 from Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia witnessed a UFO descend from the sky and plunk itself into the ocean. A broth of foam soon washed up on the beach. Unexplained!

3. Beginning around May 13, 1975 a UFO nicknamed "Charlie Redstar" a bright orange globe was frequently observed in the night sky by hundreds of witnesses in Carman, Manitoba. Unexplained! 

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2. One case, Stephen Michalak from Falcon Lake, Manitoba on May 20, 1967 was burned by an object that landed in a field near him. Both American and Canadian UFOlogists classified this incident as unexplained!

And the #1 most unexplained UFO story in Canadian History

1. In 1980 a genius/gifted teenager named Granger Taylor an amateur UFOlogist, built his own UFO in his parents backyard. He told his parents that aliens were going to come and take him away in it.  The next morning he was never seen again, unexplained.

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