UFO Disclosure - How Will The Government Act? The Disclosure Project

What will the government do when Aliens from another planet come to Earth, and make their presence known?  

Disclosure Waits Until It Can Wait No Longer. And then it happens.

The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project was organized by Dr. Steven Greer a UFOlogist and founder of the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, CSETI to fully disclose the facts about UFO's, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and advanced energy and propulsion systems.

Full Disclosure

First, authorities will have to determine what to say, how to say it and how truthful they will be in divulging the event. The government might tell as much as they can as fast as they can, which could take months, releasing huge amount of secretive collective evidence. People will want to see hard evidence, such as the Aliens themselves, their bodies and their space craft. Our newspapers will become tabloids. People will be tired of the government lying and will want all information presented to them without any cover-ups, they'll want the truth and the government will tell them. Mayhem could follow, especially if the Aliens are not friendly.

Partial Disclosure

This Disclosure admits, others are out there. The Government will deal with each case as it arises, stalling for time. It reveals the event but still keeps secrets, such as what the Aliens look like, how advanced they are, where did they come from and what their intentions are, much like they are doing today, telling us only what we need to know, slowly educating the general public about their presence.  This type of disclosure will not work if say a Mother Ship hovers over New York City for five days. The Government will find it hard to keep secrets.

False Disclosure

The Government has to say something, they would have to confirm UFO's exist, they can't hide the fact any longer and will have to admit something strange is happening in the skies.  They may blame it on the Military, making test flights or something similar as they have been telling us all along.  By debunking and making an announcement that the Aliens are us and the technology is ours, China would say it was theirs, USA theirs, Russia theirs. This type of disclosure fools the world as it maintains the status quo at least for another few years. Much like it does today. This is the riskiest of all disclosures because at sometime they will have to demonstrate such technologies and if they can't produce, the general public will become skeptical and the government could lose all credibility.  It does give the government time to plan a strategy and prepare for the next event. The government could raise a false flag (Blue Beam) and fake an invasion for the sole purpose to create a global police state, The New World Order

Nothing can be ruled out when the government is concerned. By the time it comes to make a disclosure, it'll be too late, we will already know.

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