UFO Crashes - Murphy's Law. "Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will!"

It seems since the incident at Roswell, where a UFO allegedly crashed landed and aliens were recovered that there have been more reported cases of other UFOs crash landings taking place all over the world. 

Little does the average person know, UFOs have been crash landing here on earth for eons, maybe since the beginning of time. There have been all sorts of reports, regarding things that have fallen from the sky, besides natural phenomena like meteors, fallings stars, astroids and such. Even some of these have had supposedly hieroglyphic drawings of alien origin inscribed on them. There are things like; glowing shields and swords appearing to fall from a cloudless sky, chariots complete with four horses, magical batons, spinning wheels and flying carpets with giants wearing turbans. Since medieval times, ships complete with sails and oars crashed over Britain, leaving behind anchors and other maritime instruments. As in the case of Roswell, a metal of unknown origin, similar to aluminum.

Since the advent of the camera, computers and the cell phone, there has been a sharp increase in crash sightings and sightings of UFOs in general. We can thank the technological age for this and can deduce that crashes and sightings have always existed, but before the technological age the only way a story was told was through "Word of Mouth". A report of a sighting maybe went as far as the edge of town, not like today; around the world instantly, complete with pictures and video with audio testimonies from personal and mass sighting witnessed reports.

I'm a little skeptic about UFO crashes. Why?

You'd think a society able to build a craft to travel across space and time, avoiding hitting space objects that are floating around in space, can make an object (UFO) able to change directions on a dime going a zillion miles an hour, render it invisible at will, you would possibly think, they could make one reliable enough so that the vehicle can manoeuvre to avoid a mountain or a tree. It just makes no sense.

Maybe, it's just a case of Murphy's Law,you can never trust technology no matter how advanced, or how well it was built. 

"Anything that can go wrong, will!"

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