The Philadelphia Experiment - What Went Wrong - Did It Ever Happen?

I'm certainly not a scientist, I've never claimed to be. I'm an observer, so I will try to explain the Philadelphia Experiment in as simple of terms as possible.

Einstein had this theory. He called it the "Unified Field Theory" which describes mathematically and physically the relationship between the forces of electromagnetic radiation and gravity. Confused?

Okay, okay... You don't need the specifics. If you can bend light, then you would bend space and time which would render you invisible.

Unified Field Theory

While scientists were working on this theory someone decided to use huge electric generators to bend light around a tube to create refraction which would simulate the Unified Field Theory, making any object disappear, in other words Teleportation, mater and energy transversing the space between them.

Guess what they made disappear then reappear? 

The USS Eldridge, a US Naval destroyer, docked in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. They went big, really big.

Sailors Were Found Imbedded In the Solid Steel Hull Of The Ship

They re-tested it in 1943 and it allegedly worked, somewhat! It completely was wiped off the radar screen. It seemed to disappear for a few select witnesses and reappear 200 miles away, witnessed by the crew of another destroyer, who reported a green fog appeared in its place as it came into view then disappeared. 

After the test was completed, the crew of the USS Eldridge reported feeling sick and nauseous. A few went crazy and were sent off to the state institution for the insane and never heard from again, but the strangest thing to happen were some of the men were found (obviously dead) implanted in the steel metal hull of the ship. A sailor who was standing on an upper deck was found on a lower deck with his arm imbedded in the steel, a doctor was called to amputate his arm to free him. Others that were killed were physically turned inside out. If that were not strange enough, some men were missing and never found again. It makes you wonder why it was perceived as a success.

This whole story was told to, Rober Goerman a reporter from Fate Magazine, in 1980 from one man, Carl Meredith, one of the sailors that was on board the ship that saw the USS Eldridge appear and disappear. Mr Meredith had a history of mental problems and may have made up the story, but that didn't stop it from going viral. Many books have been written on the subject and of course; the American government denies everything, claiming the USS Eldridge was in port in New York City at the time. 

Some of the old crew of the USS Eldridge, denied everything also, saying they never went to Philadelphia.

So, was it just a hoax carried out by a lone rouge mentally ill patient, or did it happen and the government covered it up? If it did happen, nothing more came of it. It would be pretty hard to cover up a story of that magnitude.

I once saw the magician, David Copperfield make a Jumbo aircraft disappear, an elephant disappear, a motorcyclist appear from thin air. He's even walked through the Wall of China and I still can't figure out how he did it. So maybe...

That's the same thing, right? 

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