The Okanagan Arch and Orb, Witnessed by Hundreds of People in British Columbia, back in 2003

We British Columbians have had our own stories about strange phenomenon and UFO's sightings in our skies.

The Orb and the Okanagan Arch

Two objects were witnessed flying over southern British Columbia, especially in the Okanagan Valley on the night of July 28, 2003. Not that long ago.

At 12:45, one of the objects, a round ball of light streaked across the night sky travelling from northwest to southeast, changing directions instantly and effortlessly in a zig-zag pattern. The many witnesses described the "Flying Saucer" or UFO as they are generally called today, as travelling very fast and the size of the full moon but very white in colour. It was also noted the sky was clear and star-lit.

It wasn't long after this sighting for another sighting to occur.  A beam of light shot across the dark sky, at about 1 o'clock and lasted in this position for a duration of about an hour, making it seem like day. It arched in the same manner as a rainbow would, bright white as a fluorescent neon gas tube, from one corner of the sky to the other.  This is what became known as the Okanagan Arch.

Could it have been the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis? Many witnesses claim it wasn't. Many had seen the Northern lights and this didn't compare at all!

An astronomical explanation then? No, if a meteor train, the train would not last a length of one hour and no fire ball was witnessed, except the round bright white light earlier that shot across the sky which left no trail.

A small forest fire was raging at the time in the Okanagan Valley, directly under the arch, was it a coincidence? Could the first object have been a water-bomber? This does not explain the arch, unless it was the reflection of the forest fire? Since the arch was bright white, this conclusion was ruled out, because most reflections from forest fires are orange or red, never white.

Another explanation could be earthquakes. One on the scale of 3.2 happened near Kelowna at the exact same time but too weak for any connection.

I searched and searched the internet for a picture of this event but, not one. I was surprised since there were so many witnesses. If anyone has any pictures they would like to share on the subject, send them to me it would be greatly appreciated.

Picture taken of an Arch beginning to happen in 2007, no other pictures exist. 

This is not an isolated case and has happened many times before in other parts of the world and is likely to happen again.  

Scientists are as miffed as I. It's never been explained except by a few guesses, and theories. 

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Further Reading: The Canadian UFO Report, The Best Cases Revealed written by Chris Rutkowski and Geoff Dittman

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