"The Nucleon" Fords First Nuclear Powered Car

It was the 50's.

The Concept Car the "Nucleon"

The Ford Motor Company unveiled its most ambitious project. The concept of a nuclear automobile, a compact car with a portable nuclear fission reactor in the trunk, the Nucleon.

Ford had a vision of; full-service recharging stations replacing the petroleum station. I have to admit he wasn't to far off with that dream, considering today, you can travel from LA to Vancouver with refuelling stations for our electric cars every so many miles. 

The car had a silent, miniature uranium fission nuclear reactor that converted steam into energy with a set of turbines and would be able to travel up to 5000 miles without recharging.

Ford had big plans for his sleek and efficiently designed atomic car. It was going to replace the combustion engine but as things go, the car faded into obscurity without ever realizing production. No prototype was ever produced. It was deemed too dangerous.  Could you imagine millions of Chernobyls, driving down our streets.  No one had put car accidents into the equation and the general public were becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of atomic energy. 

The Nucleon was scrapped a long time before the Edsel, Ford's next flop.

Maybe in the near future the Nucleon may make a come-back due to the looming energy crisis for petroleum products.  

You have to admit it sure looked pretty.

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