The Feral Child of Moscow - Ivan Mishukov

Some say, the four year old feral childIvan Mishukov was abandoned, others say he ran away from home. He was believed to have run away because of an abusive alcoholic father and roamed the streets of Moscow searching for food and shelter when he came upon a pack of feral dogs. He befriended them. 

During the day he would beg for food and bring it back to share with the pack. The feral dogs became his protectors, keeping strangers away from him at night and provide him with warmth by snuggling up to them. He eventually became alpha even at his young age. The dogs protected him, surrounding authorities, until the boy was able to safely slip away. Unbelievably, he lived like this for two years, that's two Moscow winters, much different from here the Miami of Canada, Vancouver. I wouldn't be caught dead in a place like that in the middle of winter, but if you knew no better, who's to say? I wouldn't have lasted, I know that. 

A similar child from Russia Oxana Malaya (dog child)

Finally, the authorities caught him, he was a filthy mess with lice and fleas. He was violent and snarled at people like a dog, trusting no one and had a vocabulary of a three year old, mumma, dada like.

He was eventually "civilized" educated and lived a normal life thereafter.

You may have heard Ivan's story before. It was adapted into an award-winning play "Ivan and the Dogs" by British playwright Hattie Naylor in 2010.

There have also been many "Feral Hoaxes" but this story, The Feral Child of Moscow is true.  

Dog Brindle

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