The Alien Invasion Has Begun - The "Greys" Are Back

An Army of Trillions Are About to Hatch all over the world.

Our worst nightmare; "The Greys" or better known as the common mosquito. They've been on earth longer than man, and probably will be here long after were gone. The world is said to belong to them. 

It's a warm summer night. You've left the window open, for the cool breeze. You are fast asleep. The blanket is rolled down to your ankles, one sleeve of your pajama top is pulled up to the elbow. This is when the Greys (bloodsucking insects) appear, known to science as Culex Fatigans which carry the deadly bacteria Filariasis, spread by parasitic deep tissue worms. They are quilty of infecting millions every year with a host of several diseases including the West Nile Virus. It lands on your arm. 

Ironically only the female bites.  She's the villain in this scenario, she's the one transmitting Filaria to the human population, in her blood-body fluid exchange. The males of the Grey species are lucky. All it does throughout it's life is fly around with a big plume on its head, showing off, strutting, trying to mate with the females.

Their eggs are laid in stagnant water the first stage then go through 3 more stages of life, a larva, then a pupa then an adult. As soon as they emerge from the egg the first thing they think of is sex, so off they go to catch a mate, after sex what's better than a good meal. Us!

Arm yourself, the attack for this summer has just begun. 

The eggs are hatching, and an army of tillions are about to arrive, lured by the smell of blood.

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Ref: How to Think About Weird Things - Critical Thinking for a New Age

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