Skyfall, A Fortean Event - It Fell From the Sky

But Not One Cat Nor Dog 

There has never been one reported case of the phenomenon: raining cats and dogs

But... the phenomenon of objects falling out of the sky have been known to bombard the earth since the beginning of time. There have been accounts of it raining other types of things but not cats and dogs, everything from A - Z; alligators, apples, fish and frogs, lizards and snakes, a giant chicken foot which left a giant footprint in an Italian cornfield, corn cobs, peaches, candy, kangaroos and a gooey substance resembling a jellyfish called "Star Rot," usually dropped from the sky whenever a meteor passes near earth. I remember something back in the 80's when it even rained men. They wrote a song about it. 

Frogs and fish are the most common type of Skyfall. Like, when it rained Albino frogs, in 1987. Lately, within the last few years; red wing black birds and crows have been dropping out of the sky by the thousands.

Here's another example even though it is a dog it wasn't raining and may sound even more strange: This was reported to the New York World in 1908. Two police officers walking their beat came across a large black dog laying in a doorway. As they passed the dog, it lifted it's head and said, "Good Morning" to them, the disappeared in a greenish fog.

Billions and billions of dead black flies the size of a pin head, made a carpet of black velvet over Fairfax in Virginia, in 1855. Sometimes, an inanimate or non-living things, like rocks, which fell in 1921 on Chico, California, the size of eggs, on and off for more than a month. Another time, over in India, blue and green beads, with the holes in them, billions of them, ready for stringing. 

In 1939, in the country of Angola, Africa it rained bee honey, continuing for four days. This strange substance was tested and determined to be plain ole honey bee honey. Ironically, it saved a large population from starvation. Believe it or not, sliced meat fell on Kentucky in 1876.

There's even been reports of money falling out of the skies as it did in France in 1957. Silver coins fell in Russia in a 1940 storm. Banknotes in Limburg, Germany in 1976. Where the hell was I when this happened?

The term Fortean was named after Charles Hoy Fort (1874) who collected 25,000 true strange stories from around the world throughout his life. All his stories came along with documentation. He felt science was doing the world a huge disservice by ignoring such strange phenomena.

In the end, Charles Fort a pioneer in modern parapsychology, was ignored by the general public and only up until the 50's, during Area 51, Roswell and other sightings of UFOs and Flying Saucers in the 70's did people sit up and take notice of his collection and anything about the paranormal, which luckily continues to this day. They are not isolated cases.  They happen in clusters and it usually targets one thing at a time. What is their meaning? No one really knows.

I love hearing about the strange and bizarre happenings, especially if there are witnesses and facts to back it up. How about you?

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