Monster Frogs Invading the Swamps of Vancouver Island

Sounds like a 60's horror flick...  Attack of the Giant Frogs, doesn't it?

Well, it's really happening. Giant American Bullfrogs have invaded the swamps and bogs of Vancouver Island, near Port Alberni. Authorities blame careless home owners for stocking their private ponds with over-sized frogs for aesthetic value, and now are multiplying like rabbits, after all who doesn't want giant frogs in your pond if you own a pond. They are called a Bullfrog because they make deep loud croaking sounds during breeding season, similar to a bull.

Russ Schut holds up a massive American bullfrog he caught over the weekend on Vancouver Island.

Photograph by: Alberni Valley Times, Submitted

Here's the facts on the American Bullfrog which originated from the eastern "Deep South" states.

1.  It is an aquatic frog, known as a True frog 

2.  Its colour is Olive green with blotch brown markings on their sides and a white belly

3.  The males have a yellow throat

4.  They have right green oversized lips

5.  It lives near the shores of permanent swamps, ponds and lakes

6.  It's regarded as an Invasive Species

7.  They are harvested for their legs in other countries as a delicacy

8.  They are used in schools for dissection

9.  Some are kept as pets which isn't recommended (since this was what caused the disaster happening today)

You're probably going to ask me what can be so harmful about a little frog? 

Have you heard a million frogs in heat on a hot summer night?  All croaking at once, the earth trembles.

There is really nothing wrong with one or two Bullfrogs but when they are in the millions that's a different story, they eat everything that can fit into their mouths, birds, baby ducks, trout, turtles and other native frogs, and are even cannibals eating each other as long as it can fit into its mouth. Nothing is safe from the jaws of the American Bullfrog. 

It's estimated one pair, a male and female can produce 20000 frog eggs, which will eventually turn into quite a few hungry giant Bullfrogs.  

* WARNING Bring your pets indoors.

Dog Brindle

Herpetologiet and bullfrog hunter Stan Orchard discusses where the jumbo bullfrogs come from and why they are so hungry.

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