Insectoids and Mantises - The Demons From Hell Living Inside the Earth

Insectoids and Mantises are Bi-Pedal, highly intelligent, seven foot tall creatures who resemble Praying Mantis' and Ants, said to be the true dominant species roaming this planet of ours, called Earth.  

We may think humans are the most dominant ones, but Insectoids have been around for millions of years, ever since the Yucatan Doomsday Asteroid crashed into Earth, 65 million years ago. Their whole civilization wiped out, but some survived by moving deep underground, places out of reach for humans, tunnelling like insects in dirt.

What makes these creatures so scary to us is; they are farmers just like us, but not horse, cow, and pig farmers, they are into Human Husbandry, meaning they farm us for our meat, skins and oils, much in the same way we farm our animals today. They are not a backwards type of creature, in fact they are very intelligent and harvest DNA and other Genetic materials from us for cloning experiments, and breeding purposes. They also know how to extract our souls from our bodies, explaining the thousands of missing persons every year that are never found.

They are said to be the reason for Atlantis' downfall and final collapse after they went to war with the Atlanteans.

Many people claim to have been abducted by Insectoids and taken up into their UFO's, for scientific research and physical tests, and for the making of Biological Robots, using our souls and putting them into the Grey's Body that we've heard so much about. People claim to be sprayed with an advanced type of Pheromone that puts you into a trance-like state, and after you are under their control all you can do is lay there, immobilized, seeming to understand them without talking, that they live in a hive-like mentality, each with a specific duty to perform, ignoring all your pleas to be set free, with one intention, either to help them with breeding or collect samples and do tests, nobody mentions that they might be eating us.

This Pheromone induces hallucinations that make you feel at ease with them, and makes you believe they are the ones from outer space, here to befriend you and save humanity, disguising who they really are, their intentions and where they come from.

It is believed that one day, they will arise out of the bowels of the earth in mass to destroy Humanity and reclaim the earth surface in one big Soul Harvest, what we call Armageddon, our Apocalypse. 

Reptilians are often mistaken for Mantises, and have been spotted around the world, so Armageddon might already be in progress.

Insectoids and Mantises the Demons from Hell.

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