Hollow Moon - Could It Be A Giant UFO, The Mother Ship?

Stranger Than Ever Thought

Do we really know our own Moon? After all, only 12 Americans have ever walked on it's surface. The first two were Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin back on July 20, 1969, that was forty-five years ago, a long time. There have been six manned Apollo missions in total and now the Moon is more of a mystery than ever.

But... what do we know about this Rosetta Stone of the Planets, coined by Dr. Robert Jastrow a chairman for NASA? What are it's secrets?

Here's a list of anomalies, and weird stuff about our Moon I bet you might not have heard. Yet!

1.  It's not round. It has a bulbous side. The side we don't see.

2.  Which would make it lopsided in weight. It's centre off kilter. It should wobble, but it doesn't.

3.  It is far older than we ever imagined, rocks on the moon have been dated to be 4.5 billion years old.  Older than earth. Nearly as old as our Sun.

4.  It has 3 distinct layers of rocks. Heavier on the outside shell and lighter to non-existent in the centre, hence Hollow Moon

5.  The Earth has lots of iron. The Moon hardly a trace, which suggests they came into being, apart from one another. The rocks that contained any iron also showed signs of rust, which is weird because to make rust you need oxygen and hydrogen to create oxidation. It suggests water was on the Moon's surface at one time.

6.  We don't understand yet, how the Moon became a satellite of Earth. The probabilities are astronomical for the Moon to grab onto Earth's orbit and become stationary without spinning, the Capture Theory. It's the only known Moon to have this characteristic, which means something put it at the correct distance from us, the course it is on, and the speed it's going. 

The question is; what was it that made this to happen?

7.  Instruments that the Apollo missions left on the Moon recorded on March 7, 1971 "wind" of water, a cloud vapour that lasted 14 hours and covered an area of 100 square miles. Where did this water originate, from the inside of the Moon? Of course the government offered a less exciting explanation, two tanks ruptured releasing their contents.

8.  Lots of Maria, solidified molten lava on the side facing Earth, rare on the far side. Some of the craters on the surface of the moon were created internally like volcanos, not from outside forces like meteors and astroids.

9.  There appears to be circular mascons, large disk like objects possibly of artificial construction- 20 to 40 miles below the surface of the Maria. 

10. Gases and red lights that seemed to move have been observed coming from cracks in the moons surface. Watch the movie and you'll see, orbs taking off from a certain area of the surface. Why can't we get some answers from authorities about these videos?

11. There is no reason why the Sun and the Moon have such a harmonious relationship, appearing equal in size, able to block out the sun, completely as in an eclipse.

12. Other unexplained phenomenon. To many to mention, so here is an example of one.

Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence? Two Russian scientists think so, Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov. They believe the Moon is an alien Planetoid, parked in orbit around earth. That would explain its age. They also believe the surface of the Moon is actually the hull of a space craft, citing large amounts of Titanium, the stuff to make airplanes and space ships, remember the astronauts trying to drill into the surface on television and only being able to drill a few inches before hitting something hard that couldn't be penetrated, something processed, like a solid metal.

Frightening thought isn't it? Here we've been gazing at, and romanticizing about the Moon since Adam and Eve, and here it is, a big alien mother ship, that has been circling earth since the dawn of time, parked pretending to be a moon, full of underground caverns full of something right out of science fiction, aliens like Reptilians or Mantis' something completely out of this world, with intentions we can't even fathom. 

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