Gerald Bull, Our Very Own "Boy Rocket Scientist" Murdered

What ever happened to Gerald Bull, whom magazines deemed, Canada's "Boy Rocket Scientist?"

There was a genius kid born in 1928, in North Bay, Ontario.  He graduated from the University of Toronto at the age of 20, received his master's degree when he was 21 and at 22 his Ph.D. in aeronautical engineering which landed him a job with the Canadian Armament Research Development Establishment.

He had this big dream of using artillery to launch satellites into space, but no one was interested, not even the United States who were more interested in rockets than artillery. 

So, one day he decided to start his own company, the Space Research Corporation in 1967. He sold 30,000 artillery shells to South Africa, violating America's arms embargo which led to a six month prison term.  That didn't stop him, as soon as he was released he was asked by Saddam Hussein to design a Supergun called Project Babylon, which would give Iraq the ability to bomb targets anywhere on earth.

But instead, on March 22, 1990 Gerald Bull opened his front door and received five bullets into his forehead.

What happened? It was disclosed after the incident that Gerald had $20,000 in cash on his person when he was shot, but the killer left it, so a robbery theory was ruled out. Weeks later British Customs discovered huge pipes that matched Gerald's enormous gun design being shipped to Iraq.  

Another odd thing happened. The man who discovered Gerald's body after he had been shot, an American, Steve Adams coincidentally disappeared soon after, never to be heard of again.

There are many theories why someone would have wanted Gerald Bull dead. 

1. Were the British under Margaret Thatcher responsible, after all they had their own interests in black-market weapons trading.

2. Were the Iraqis guilty? They actually had plans to keep the Supergun a secret, to make a surprise attack on the USA.

3. What about the CIA, did they commit murder, they did put him in prison for six months. His son blamed the CIA at first.

4. Did the Isralis kill him? Israel was not friends with Iraq and jumped at the chance to eliminate him before Iraq developed the Supergun.

To this date, no one has come forth with any information about the deaths of Gerald Bull and the American named Steven Adams who discovered his dead body.

This case has never been solved and probably, never will.

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