Are You Getting Your Healthy Daily Dose of Boogers?

No, it isn't a spelling mistake. I do mean boogers, the ones that come out of your nose. Apparently they're good to eat and are really, really healthy for you. Let me explain...

Dr. Freidrich Bischinger believed that people who picked their noses (rhinotillexis - extacting nose mucus from the nostrils with your index finger) and eating it (mucophagy) were healthier, happier and more in tune with their bodies. He felt that exposing the body to half-dead germs helps reinforce the immue system. Sounds logical; the body detects this small invasion as it goes into the stomach and gets aborbed by your body which fights it, building it's immune system in the process. Your body is easily able to fight off these germs since they already have been weakened by antiseptic enzymes from within the nose cavities.

It's been proven, or has it? That the more boogers a child eats the healthier they become. A child who doesn't get exposed to germs, bacteria and parasites early in life, will suffer more from common colds, allergies, flus and such later in adulthood. Yes, sounds logical.

There are some downsides to picking your nose. Say you scratch the lining inside your nose from a craggy nail. It's left open to the elements and all the germs and bacteria collected by your mucus. It gets easy access to the base of your brain from the end of your nose. Not good! It's like a direct route, in the area Medical personnel call the "Danger Triangle of the Face

It has been suggested that more tests should be done on Nose Picking. When obsessive-compulsive, it's called Rhinotillexomania, the trouble is no one wants to admit they pick their nose so it's hard to find a true honest nose picker. I don't know what the trouble is I catch someone digging for gold on the Skytrain everyday.

I wonder if the Canadian Government has a grant for anyone wishing to study such a topic. Hmmm

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