Wishful Thinking, I thought I Saw A Bon Fire But It Was Just A Garbage Can

Remember the 60’s, when 400 women started burning their bras in support of feminism.  

Well, I hate to be the one to inform you, but that never happened. 

The Freedom Can

I had always believed it true. I could have sworn; I saw pictures of hundreds of women standing bare breasted, some still in the process of taking their bras off and throwing them into a bon fire, but in reality I didn’t. How did that happen? Wishful thinking?

But I wasn't too far off!  There was one big garbage can called, “The Freedom Can.”

Funny, I don’t remember a garbage can, but apparently lots of women threw their bra’s, lip stick, purses, high heels, or anything that appeared to be symbols of feminine oppression, into the trash, there was never a bon fire of burning bras. 

You can understand my disappointment.

Rumour has it, someone threw a lit cigarette in the the "Freedom Can.”  Maybe that was what I had mistaken for a bon fire.

It all started over a Miss America Beauty Contest in Atlantic City on Sept. 7, 1968 when organizers contacted the New York Times about a protest over beauty standards of the time.

You’ve come a long way, Baby.

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Ref. Bra-Burning Feminists: NOT

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