What the hell is all the Hoopla About? All the Caring-ons, the Chanting, the Crying, the Yelling and Screaming.

"Talking in Tongues"

Glossolalia - You're Only as Good as Your Interpreter

Glossolalia is the practice of "Talking in Tongues," especially within the Pentecostal Church by it's many believers and followers.

Don't worry if you can't understand a word of it. People yell and scream, whistle and hiss making unintelligible sounds to all those except those that are gifted enough to translate it, said to be the sounds of the Holy Spirit entering the mind and body of the faithful, which allows it to converse with the physical world, similar to xenolalia where a person under trance, speaks in a foreign language that he doesn't know, but others (believers) can understand, not even knowing the language themselves.

It can be found in the Bible, in a description of the Day of Pentecost, for which Pentecostalism derived it's name. The instance is described by Luke,

"to the faithful, talking in tongues were taken by the bystanders for being drunken men, but intoxicated men do not talk in languages of which they are normally ignorant."

Born around 1900, this change in the Pentecostal movement was started by a preacher turned evangelist named, Charles Fox Parham when during one of his sermons, a woman named Agnes Ozman started, talking in tongues and he perceived it to be a blessing from the Lord. This branch of the church still survives today.

Much of the religion is connected to Hypnosis and the Religious and Supernatural beliefs in possession by the Holy Spirit. A person needs to be in a trance like state before he can begin to talk in tongues which connects the person to other worlds, similar to a medium at a séance getting into a trance, or an Indian shaman who takes drugs ( to enter a state of ecstasy, the same thing. 

When talking in tongues, (Glossolalia) a third party is needed to interpret the sounds, hence the mystery. As the saying goes, you're only as good as your interpreter, which leaves the door open to suspicion from the other religions. In (Xenolalia), you don't need an interpreter. It is understood by those listening, they speak the language, the person speaking does not. To them, there's no need for an explanation.

Believers don't need or want to explain. To them it's just another way to communicate with the other side. What's the beef?

Sometimes, snakes and other animals are used in their rituals. I don't think they are harmed in anyway, but it must be stressful for the poor animals.

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