Think Malaysia Flight 370 is Weird - How About the Vanished Battalion of Sandringham

This doesn't seem possible but apparently it's true. A group of two hundred and sixty-six men simply disappeared off the face of the earth. 

The Vanished Battalion of Sandringham

What makes this story different from the other stories of planes and boats disappearing over the Bermuda and China Sea Triangles, such as the recent mysterious and still unexplained disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 is; this event happened on land. 

Here's what is known; 

The year was 1915, World War I was in full swing. A battle was being fought between two battalions in the Dardanelles region of France when suddenly one side—Company E of the Fifth Territorial Battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, known as the Sandringhams—disappeared. Not one helmut, not one rifle, not one horse or wagon, not one dead body nor any survivors.  No cannons, no bells or whistles nor one spent bullet shell, zilch, nothing remained.

The military knows nothing. 

It was thought maybe a mass desertion, men trying to escape their duties but that theory was shot down due to capital punishment being enforced for deserters at the time. Plus, most of the soldiers were from the staff of the King's Sandringham estate, known for their loyalty and dedication and held in high esteem. These men were trained and skilled, hardly the type to turn cowardly and run.

This is what happened 

On August 12, 1915 two days after arriving on the front they were given orders to advance against the Turks, 2 miles away over open terrain. 

They charged and were last seen entering in a puff of smoke or a cloud of dust, nobody was sure what it was but said it looked like a loaf of bread hanging in the sky, verified by four reliable observers. About an hour later the cloud lifted taking with it all traces of the Norfolk Battalion.

After the cloud dissipated and they started counting the survivors, there were none. No bodies, nothing. No battle had taken place. They were still far from the Turks. 

Could this be an example of an extraterrestrial abduction on a mass scale, a UFO misinterpreted as a cloud.  Or, could it have been God saving the men from the horrors of war, so took them to heaven in a cloud before they were killed.  

Then there is the last and most likely explanation.  

The brutal reputation of the Turks, renowned for taking no prisoners, probably burying all the men and all their belongings into one huge grave pit then covering it with dirt. No mass grave has ever been detected though and this case is still a mystery.

This is not an isolated World War I incident. Many died in the Great War, many men are still and always will be unaccounted for.

The fate of Malaysia Flight 370 for now is just a blooming conspiracy theory along with the long standing, vanished Battalion of Sandringham.

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