The Second Coming is Near and He's a Nerd

He will be the man that invents the indestructible robots and super computers of the future that will eventually replace man and take over the world.

The AntiChrist & Armageddon

The Second Coming is Near and He's a Nerd

Within the last few decades there has been a new creature spotted on University Campuses and Colleges around the world. This humanoid looking creature is usually small, weak and has a big expressionless head, and weird smile.  

This animal or whatever you want to call it, first appeared in a story by Theodore Geisel, If I Ran the Zoo in 1950. You may recognize the tale, a children's story, aka Dr. Seuss. The creature is dubbed the "Nerd." 

The first mention of a humanoid called a Geek, (a morphed relative of the Nerd) was in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1876 and describes Geeks as being uncultivated, fools and dupes. At the turn of the 20th century, in the United States they became circus performers, doing some mind blowing feats such as; ripping the heads off live chickens, and swallowing goldfish or dangling Old Volkswagon carcasses atop tall structures and other such miracles, to the delight of circus goers everywhere.

In the sixties these aliens roamed university halls and college dorms indiscriminately. They were uncool, this is when they became known as "Geeks." 

It was declared in the 70's; that "Nerds and Geeks" had been living on this planet along side of humans for years even centuries without our knowledge, incognito as Drips, Dorks or Squares or even as Simpletons. 

Today Geeks and Nerds roam the planet freely, like fish out of water mingling with their human counterparts, their numbers on the increase. You've seen them with their black horned rimmed glasses held together with tape. They are overly intellectual, obsessive and socially impaired. They have no friends, hate sports and avoid mainstream activities and are usually shy with no mates, homely and quirky.

They've joined our civilization and won't be leaving, in fact the term "Nerd" today is used as a form of endearment, pride and group identification. 

We better get use to it. 

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