The Political Corruption of an Important Issue - Global Warming

Al Gore The Wrong Frace For The Right Cause

Besides being President Clinton's right hand man, to most people Al Gore is the inventor of the internet and the theory of global warming. To some people he is the promoter of the worlds biggest hoax or a conspiracy theory, and that is global warming. 

Half of Americans are Democrates the other half are Republicans. Immediately, as soon as Al Gore became involved with Global Warming and before he even spoke a word about it, 1/2 of all Americans became suspicious of his intentions. Why? because he was a politician, a Republican with Democratic views. It's become just another political agenda; the selling of an idea for self gain, meanwhile the Earth keeps on getting warmer and warmer.

Unknowingly, Vice-President Al Gore's stance on the subject had a negative impact on the issue and slowed any progress in bringing changes. It became more of a squabbling match between the Democrates and the Republicans.

Gore is a non-scientist who grabbed onto an issue close to his heart, he didn't invent Global Warming but in all fairness we have to give him credit for bringing the issue into the public's eye. Who cares if he made big bucks doing it? Not that scientists didn't try because they did, but nobody reads science journals. 

Politicians are not scientists. 

Scientists know science. I would trust a scientist's word over a politician's, how about you?

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Dan Pangburn said...

Science has discovered the cause of the warming, the end of it, why temperatures are (unfortunately) headed down and what to expect.

There are only two primary drivers of average global temperature change. They very accurately explain the reported up and down measurements since before 1900 with R2>0.9 (correlation coefficient = 0.95) and provide credible estimates back to the low temperatures of the Little Ice Age (1610).

CO2 change is NOT one of the drivers.

The drivers are given at

Michael Estey said...

Thanks for update and the link. Great stuff.