The Mother of all Meteor Showers CAMELOPARDALIS Heading for Earth - the Debris from Comet 209/LINEAR

It's shooting star season again. The most famous but not the biggest of meteor showers the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower, related to Halley's Comet's tail as it circles the Sun, can be seen shooting across the sky, right now!

Dust from Halley's Comet will be hitting the earth's atmosphere at 150,000 miles per hour for a few days, peeking on the 5th and 6th. You'll be able to see 10 to 40 meteors an hour on those days.

But, a new meteor shower that has never been observed before is also on its way, on May 24th 2014, between 2 and 4 o'clock EDT, we will encounter the debris from Comet 209P/LINEAR. Discovered in 2004 it passed the Sun in 2009. We know a lot about this comet, but we don't know what to expect. This new meteor shower will look as if comes from the far away constellation of "Camelopardalis" where it gets it's name, meaning half camel and half leopard.

Could this be the meteor, announcing the end of time as it slams into earth? It's worth monitoring since we could be bombarded 100-400 times an hour.

Cross your fingers.

If you want to watch the Aquarids Meteor Shower and it's cloudy outside you can watch it live here:

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