The Lord Gave Loretta Blasingame a New Heart, Doctors are Amazed

What ever gave man the idea that there was an afterlife, a heaven for good people and a hell for bad.

I only know of one person that has risen from the grave and that is just a written account in the Bible. I'm talking about mortals that have died, become stone dead, then came back to life, like a zombie. Zilch!

It's mind boggling to think; of all the 100 to 110 billion people that have lived on this earth in the last 50,000 years besides the 7 billion alive today that only one person has risen from the grave (questionable, depending on your beliefs), and was able to talk about it and he doesn't even count. 

The American evangelist Loretta Blasingame told a story of dying of a double heart attack and had a classic out of body experience, but after floating around the room for awhile looking at herself she claims she actually died and went to heaven. She was pronounced dead by doctors with no brain waves nor heart beat. 

She agrees, yes she died and was standing at Heaven's gate, adorned with pearls and diamonds. Beyond the gates the streets were paved with gold. The scene so beautiful words couldn't describe it. Everyone was walking around with an apple in their hand, no one was hungry. She saw born-agains in groups being taught how to worship God correctly. You would think that since they were already in heaven why worship any further.

Then the strangest thing happened, Jesus appeared in a long white robe beaconing her and took her hand. He looked exactly like the picture donning the walls of many a house, his hair neatly parted in the middle, trim beard and beautiful blue eyes. 

Jesus told her to go back it wasn't her time, he gave her a new heart from a 13 year old child. 

"Here take this heart and go home." he said.

Of course, Loretta never questioned Jesus on where he got a heart from a 13 year old, so quickly.

It started beating, a pulse was detected and she started breathing coming back to life, the doctors were shocked.

No doctor can explain how she got her new heart without an operation and no one questioned the fate of the 13 year old who had to donate her heart to save this old woman. No names were exchanged during the heart transplant in heaven. I can't imagine Jesus not keeping any records.

She's also had visions of going to hell and coming back to life, that's another story. 

Now Loretta Blasingame cures people left and right, through faith healing. Yes, she has the power now! She claims to heal people by giving them new body parts. How this is done is your guess.

I hate to say it, but I'm a little skeptical.

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