The End Is Near, Planet X "Nibiru" On A Collision Course With Earth

We survived, Heaven's Gate, endured Y2K and trembled at the thought of Armegeddon, in 2012, now comes another prophecy for the end of times, the Nibiru Cataclysm, believed to happen early in the 21st century.

There is no scientific data to support this scenario but many doomsday sayers predict that the earth is about to collide or almost collide with another planet or large object, referred to by scientists as Planet X or Nibiru. 

Nibiru, or Planet X is a supposedly huge invisible, gaseous planet, that has never been found, in orbit on the outer side of Neptune that makes discrepancies in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. Scientists can't explain the discrepancies but know it happens.

Most scientists and astronomers agree there is no trans-Neptunian object called Planet X, but since they have been searching for Planet X they have discovered other trans-Neptunian objects bigger than a bread basket, much bigger, and little is known about them.


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