The Doomsday Sayer - The End is Nigh - We All Are Going To Die or Are We?

What does that man standing on the corner day after day, sandwiched between two pieces of plywood, in the hot sun and the dead cold of winter know that we don't know?  

Written on the front in bold black ink, "Doomsday is Near" and on the back "Repent." Almost every city has a Doomsday Sayer, someone preaching the future apocalypse, standing on a soap box, over dressed, taking up valuable real estate on the sidewalk, at the corner of Main and Elm, spewing out Doomsday scenarios of the Rapture, that nobody hears or wants to hear, except a few touristy curiosity seekers.

"Near," is a date given for the end of time, but when near comes and goes, they change the date to "Soon."

Asked how they know and they'll tell you; they dreamt it, they had a vision or an encounter with the divine or a UFO, or it is written, most are seen toting a bible in hand.

What's going to happen depends on the date and what one believes. It could be an Asteroid Strike, isn't there a Meteor shower happening right now? Or a Nuclear War, look at the tension building up around the world presently, especially in the Middle East and Ukraine. There could be a new killer germ that evolves and we have no vaccine to fight against it. There's Climate Change, the Geek Rapture, Y2K, the Maya Calendar marking the end of days, the rise of machines, super volcanos, earthquakes, Yellowstone Park and the ever new presence of "Nanabots", little biological machines that eat us all up, or an Alien invasion, osr just plain God, fulfilling his promises of the Rapture. The list could be endless.

The truth is all these things could happen and given enough time one or two might come true but the world will not end, everyone will not die. It will take more than one of the possible events to happen before it could take us all, a few will survive. After all the Caveman survived the Ice Age lasting centuries, Super volcanoes and Asteroid strikes. Biblically, if you want to believe, we've survived the great flood with just Noah's family left to repopulate the earth. We've survived Plagues, the Locusts, the Crusades. No one knows if we've already lived through an Alien invasion or not. Maybe we are the aftermath of two breeds, hybrids of sorts, half man, half alien.  

Not to worry, there will always be enough people left that survives to re-populate the world, no matter what happens, so no need to worry. It just takes two! 

Actually, it will take a few more survivors than that, maybe ten thousand, to keep the gene pool strong but that's all it takes, 10,000 out of 7,000,000,000 that's not even one percent. 

We will survive, hopefully at least 10,000 of us. 

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