The Dogons, With Ancient Knowledge Of Sirius B, Just Too Hard to Ignore.

How is it possible, when it was written in stone, thousands of years ago for a lost tribe of people called the Dogon, located in Mali, West Africa, miles and miles from civilization, as remote as Timbuktu, on the outskirts of the Sahara Desert, how could they possibly know about a companion star to Sirius, not visible to the human eye. 

It makes no sense.

This knowledge was known to them in 3200 BC, way before any astronomical devices had been invented. Sirius B star orbits Sirius every 50 years. They knew that! How? It hadn't been observed until the telescope revealed it's presence in 1862 and wasn't understood or recorded until 1970.

These Dogoninians'—discovered in 1931 by two anthropologists, Doctors Griale and Dieterien—feel they are descendants from a race of aliens called, Nommos, early god-like earth visitors that lived on a planet that orbits a star in the Sirius system. They arrived on a spaceship and deposited all the water here on earth for them to live. A scary ugly race of aquatic amphibious reptilian beings that looked like mermaids.

Besides understanding the Sirius binary system, well before it was discovered in 1932 they also knew;

  • Jupiter has four major moons
  • Saturn has rings
  • The planets in our solar system rotate around the sun
  • Knew about the super density of Sirius B, a recent discovered fact.

There will always be nay-sayers but I was surprised to hear, Carl Sagan the great astronomer was a non-believer.  He suggested that the Dogons' received this knowledge from Westerners as they pillaged the continent. The anthropologists are wrong in this case. "The priests of modern times new this information and misread it into the older traditions, which led to the misrepresentation of the meaning, in other words the anthropologists were mislead.

There are three theories for the Dogons to know of this knowledge.

  1. They gained the knowledge through outside Western influence but this has been rebutted due to the fact they were written on tablets of stone long before Sirius was discovered by astronomers.
  2. Other ancient civilizations could have had possession of such knowledge and passed it on to them. This also has be refuted due to there isolation as a tribe.
  3. One of their priests a long time ago prophesied this star system, became legend, then it turned into a truth.  I myself find this theory a little too unbelievable.

The Dogons' believe there is actually three stars.  The third is still undiscovered by man. Legend has it that when this star is revealed to man, it will be the day the Nommos' reappear. 

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