The Disappearing Voyeur's Window - The Key Hole and The Peeping Tom - What's next?

A Peeping Tom is a person who loves to watch others in secret, in a state of undress whether changing, showering, having sex, masturbating and even going to the bathroom.  

Their intended victims not even realizing they had been watched and scrutinized by a skilled sophisticated spy who uses a key hole, a crack in the wall, a hole in the fence, a bush, or a dark place as an instrument to carry out and commit his crime.  

The name Peeping Tom is a derogatory and stereo typical term for a Voyeur and can be a girl (Peeping Tammy), but usually voyeurism is a male trait. According to The Urban Dictionary it's something laughable and something we all witness and shrug away as something that "Just Happens." Most are harmless.  Rarely does the Peeping Tom masturbate, he gets his jollies from the hunt, the illegality and ability to get away with it.  He is constantly testing the boundaries of "Privacy."

The term Peeping Tom arose from the story of Lady Godiva, when everyone promised not to look at her, out of common courtesy except one man, named Tom, who apparently got caught as he watched her coming down the street naked as a jay-bird, sitting on top of a horse through the keyhole in his front door. He became blind after looking.

Since key holes are becoming a thing of the past, with plastic card entry, finger and eye recognition, etc. a relatively new practise has sprung up using mobile telephones with cameras. Used on the Subway systems and Skytrains around the world, called "Up-skirting," pointing your camera from below and taking a picture up an unsuspecting girls skirt, or from above called "Down-blousing," looking down into a woman's cleavage. 

Welcome to the new digital, state of the art, world of the stealthy, Peeping Tom. Keep your eyes open for pictures of yourself being published on the internet. Filmed when you least expected, through a digital zoom lens binoculars ten miles away. 

When the interest in Voyeurism becomes compulsive, it can be categorized as stalking. 

The "Peeping Tom" he's loved to be hated.

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