The Day the World Literally Turned "Upside Down" Was it Just a Mirage?

Canada is not immune to strange stories and bizarre happenings. This story is one of the strangest and the hardest to believe and was reported to the Lethbridge News, on November 21, 1894.

The Mirage of Stony Mountain Penitentiary

You can imagine the surprise when people living in central Manitoba woke up and saw the most strangest sight in the sky; a mirage. The nearby prison, Stony Mountain Penitentiary was hanging suspended inverted in the sky over their heads. People in other parts of the province noticed another mirage at the same time, they witnessed the Canadian Rockies inverted hanging from the sky. This wasn't a random sighting by an intoxicated drunk, this mirage was reported and witnessed by many people. It hung in the air for over ten minutes before dissipating into a cloud burst. 

As unbelievable as it sounds there were reports of criminals looking down from the Penitentiary, threatening to escape. You can understand the panic, and the urgency of the public.

Similar sightings persist to this day, maybe not on that magnitude but similar no matter how you look at it, as in the case of the Inverted Rainbow

There have been many reports especially in the northern hemisphere of floating cities, optical illusions, coming complete with moving parts, such as cars going down roads or people walking on sidewalks, and in most cases the cities have been identified, usually from Northern England and projected across the Atlantic showing up in our skies over the prairies but not necessarily restricted to the prairies.  

If you're wondering how that's possible, it's all done by a range of optical, visual and meteorological causes, where reflected light is transported to the upper atmosphere halfway around the world for us to see. Amazing.

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